Spoken word poetry: Neil Holborn, 'OCD'

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sometimes, I just don't 'get' slam poetry. Sometimes I feel it's a little too 'cliche' with its metaphor, a little too from-the-heart cheesy. And then, sometimes, I see a performance like this, and I stop caring about whether it's 'cheesy' to write a poem about love, and listen to what someone's saying and how much those words express for them. Neil Hilborn's 'OCD' was one of those poems. I love that his poem makes verbal use of the intrusive voices and tics that go along with OCD, ones I'm a little familiar with but thankfully don't experience in the same way - and I won't lie, I teared up a bit. It can, though, be a little awkward to watch - it's hard to see one side of a relationship like this and not think of the feelings of the woman it's about. In addition, if anyone struggles with hearing, there's a full transcript of the poem on the original video on YouTube (just click the 'YouTube' in the bottom corner of the video).

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