Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photos from a walk around the park near campus, after taking my brother back to the station for his journey home. The only downside of my journey was disappointment at the massive water feature being dry - though the park is under a renewal scheme for 2012 before the Olympics arrive in East London, so maybe I'll see the fountain working some day soon. After the short burst of 'indian summer' which made the entire campus congregate on any available grass, London seems to be getting colder and it suddenly feels like autumn. One thing I've definitely missed (and it seems a little strange) is conkers. They're everywhere at home, mashed all over the roads and waiting for you to slip up, and sometimes there's that one perfect conker you have to take home.


  1. Beautiful photographs! I love conkers too, haven't seen any about where I live either! xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos :) x